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I have a broken tooth. How can you help me?

We know that breaking a tooth can be scary and upsetting! Dr. Walker and Dr. Barr provide the prompt treatment you need to restore your tooth and start smiling confidently again in no time.

Tooth-Colored Fillings and Bonding

The same tooth-colored composite resin material we use for fillings can be used for dental bonding. This material has aesthetic qualities similar to tooth enamel, which helps us create seamless repairs that are indistinguishable from the rest of the tooth.

First, we apply an etching liquid to the tooth to slightly roughen its surface. Next, we apply the composite material while it is still in a putty-like state and gradually build it up, layer by layer, to match the tooth’s contours.

We harden each layer of material with a curing light, and the final result is a seamless broken tooth repair.

Dental Crowns Protect Broken Teeth

If the tooth break is so extensive that it compromises the tooth’s ability to function on its own, our dentist will likely recommend a dental crown.

Crowns are commonly called tooth caps or just caps and are designed to surround the tooth to protect it from further damage. The dental crown also restores the tooth’s strength so you can chew on it comfortably again.

Do You Need a Solution for a Broken Tooth?

If you have a broken tooth and need emergency dentistry at our Brandon, FL, dental office, please call us at (813) 689-5928, and we’ll take great care of you and your smile!

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