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What is the best treatment for TMJ?

The best TMJ treatment depends on the reason for the condition and the complexity or severity of your jaw joint disorder.

TMJ describes disorders or conditions of the temporomandibular joint—the hinge-like structure that joins your lower jaw to your skull.

When not functioning correctly, you may experience one or all of the following symptoms:

  • Clicking sound in the joint
  • Jaw pain and locking
  • Head, neck, ear, and shoulder pain
  • Tooth wear and damage

Tooth wear is common if TMJ results from bruxism (grinding your teeth).

TMJ Treatment in Brandon, FL

When it comes to the jaw joint, your dentist in Brandon, FL, is an expert and can diagnose and potentially treat the condition right here in our dental office.

Some popular ways we treat TMJ are appliance therapy, BOTOX® injections, and specific jaw exercises.

Appliance therapy means we fashion an oral appliance to fit over the teeth. Then, you wear it at night to take the stress off your jaw joints. Likewise, BOTOX relaxes the jaw joint muscles to promote healing.

Contact Your Dentist in Brandon, FL, for TMJ Treatment

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